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Welcome to library! 
No need to be quiet...below you will find some useful and informative documents:

11/25/07 Letter and Water Resolution
9/14/07 Davis Response and Request for Meeting
9/14/07 Rocky Branch Comments & Presentation
6/22/07 Hard Labor Creek Reservoir Intergovernmental Contract
1/4/07 Comments for Public Hearing
1/4/07 EPD Addendum to Written Comments
12/11/06 Documents supporting our claim that the County's EPD application was faulty
12/6/06 Help Preserve Barber Creek Flier
9/7/06 Rocky Branch permit application
8/28/06 letter dated 11/28/05 from the EPD to Melvin Davis
7/17/06 Planning Commission Comments on Stormwater Ordinance
7/15/06 Exchange of messages with Chris Thomas regarding treatment of effluent from the proposed plant at the Orkin tract
6/15/06 Lee Becker's personal letter to the Board of Commissioners regarding the stormwater ordinance; this letter does not reflect the position of Friends of Barber Creek and is posted for informational purposes only
6/8/06 Map of county areas to be covered by stormwater ordinance in green
6/8/06 Morrison report to BOC on Citizen Comments
6/8/06 Overview Map of Stormwater Area from EPA
6/8/06 Detailed Map of Stormwater Area from EPA
6/1/06 The proposed ordinance, from the county site
6/1/06 State documents relating to stormwater permits
6/1/06 The draft application from the county
5/6/06 Talking Points for Winder meeting
5/6/06 Lee Becker personal statement for Winder meeting
5/4/06 Winder Hearing Briefing Paper
5/3/06 Guidelines for Water Reclamation and Reuse; pdf format
3/24/06 Q&A between our President, Lee Becker, and Chris Thomas, an assistant with the Oconee County Utility Department
3/14/06 Public Information Meeting Precision Planning, Inc. Presentation
    -pdf format; download the free Adobe Reader if you cannot view this file.

  Copyright 2006 Friends of Barber Creek, Inc.  All rights reserved